Conclave 2022

Building Tomorrows Leaders

****Conclave Sponsorships****--Off Campus Activity--Charity Lodge No. 134,Druid Royal Arch Chapter 28,Frederick Chapter #79 OES,Millington Lodge No. 166,Palestine Lodge No. 189,Scottish Rite Foundation (DC) --Pizza Party--Highland Chapter #33 OES ,Acacia Lodge No. 155,Chester Lodge No. 115,Collington Lodge No. 230,Corinthian Lodge No. 93,Gleaner Chapter #49 OES,Jephthah Lodge No. 222,Maryland Royal Arch - Robert Chase,Millington Lodge No. 166,Potomac Lodge No. 100,Scouters Lodge No. 236,Temple Lodge No. 9 (Delaware),Thomas J. Shryock No. 223,Washington Lodge No. 1 (Delaware),Waverly Lodge No. 152--Technology Fees-- Jim Morgan (75 year Senior DeMolay),Mark Hartz (LOH)--Banquet--Grand Lodge of Maryland--Welcome Gift--Columbia Lodge No. 58--Bus--Centreville Chapter #69 OES,Evergreen Lodge No. 153,Lebanon Lodge No. 175,Union Lodge No. 48 ,Marlboro Chapter #61 OES,Odenton #29 OES,Pentalpha Chapter #38 OES,Warren Lodge No. 51--Mini Golf Hole-- Bonnie Blink Daylight Lodge No. 1,Brunswick Lodge No. 191,Centreville Lodge No. 180,Centreville Lodge No. 180,Concordia Lodge No. 13,Eureka-DuPont No's. 23-29 (Delaware),Harford Chapter #83 OES,Harford Chapter #83 OES,Harford Chapter #83 OES,Harmony Lodge No. 53,Havre de Grace Chapter #27 OES,Julia Halla Chapter #107 OES,Lebanon Chapter #108 OES,Maryland Legion of Honor,Maryland Legion of Honor,Parkton Chapter #42 OES,Parkton Chapter #42 OES,Perry Hall Lodge No. 235,Perry Hall Lodge No. 235,Phoenix Royal Arch Chapter No. 7,Prince Frederick Lodge No. 142,Queen Esther Chapter #3 OES,Temple Lodge No. 11 (Delaware),Temple Lodge No. 128,Temple Lodge No. 9 (Delaware),Templenoe Council No. 78 KM,Tidewater Council No. 334 AMD,Trinity Chapter #99 OES,Trinity Chapter #99 OES,McKinley Chapter #12 OES,Washington Lodge No. 3 Donations

July 7-10, 2022

Salisbury University
1101 Camden Avenue, Salisbury, MD 21801
Check-in starts at 6:30pm

Schedule of Events

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