Past State Master Councilors

Building Tomorrows Leaders

To serve as State Master Councilor is an honor.  One young man is elected by his peers to serve as the leader of all DeMolay in Maryland for one year.  His responsibilities are many and varied.  He must put together a term plan and budget for his year.  The term plan must include events and activities  that would be of interest to all members, and chapters within his State. The State Master Councilor must also motivate and inspire the members in the brotherhood of DeMolay.

He is the main representative of all Maryland DeMolays within the State, and is invited to attend and speak at many Chapter functions, and a number of masonic and collateral bodies in the State.  The position requires hard work and devotion to the order of DeMolay.

In 1980, the Chapters situated in the District of Columbia decided to create a new jurisdiction. In doing so Nation’s Capital DeMolay was form. In late 2017, Grand Master Boyd Patterson dissolved the jurisdiction of Nation’s Capital DeMolay, returning the Chapters back to Maryland.

1933Robert G. HarringtonFrederick Chapter
1934Wesley W. SargentTuscan Chapter
1935George W. McBrideHagerstown Chapter
1936Calvin SweetenBelvedere Chapter
1937G. Edward NogleFrederick Chapter
1938Mayberry I. PetersonHagerstown Chapter
1939Robert L. MorrisRobert Le Bruce Chapter
1941Emory L. HaseneiBlevedere Chapter
1942NOT FILLED-World War II
1943NOT FILLED-World War II
1944NOT FILLED-World War II
1945NOT FILLED-World War II
1946Leon G. EnglandCumberland Chapter
1947Lorna O. Allen, Jr.Anacostia Chapter
1948John A. MarxGeorge F. Moore Chapter
1949Henry W. StinzBaltimore Chapter
1950Kenneth WisnDoor to Virtue Chapter
1951Donald Sager--Jephthah Chapter
F. William HarrisonGeorge F. Moore Chapter
1952Albert C. Kaestner, Jr.Tuscan Chapter
1953W. Austin KenlyTowson-Mt. Moriah Chapter
1954John P. MooreOverlea Chapter
1955Kenneth CarneyBirmingham Chapter
1956Howard Matthews, IIBaltimore Chapter
1957Larry L. TheisBaltimore Chapter
1958Kenneth ClarkCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
1959John B. KincaidGeorge F. Moore Chapter
1960Harry E. HermanOverlea Chapter
1961Steve CumberlandSeat Pleasant Chapter
1962Robert W. StanleyRobert Le Bruce Chapter
1963Nicholas P. ContiOverlea Chapter
1964Carroll R. Pate, Jr.West Gate Chapter
1965Stephen J. Ponzillo, IIIDundalk Chapter
1966William D. HarpoleWest Gate Chapter
1967Calton F. GateRobert Le Bruce Chapter
1968Morley FrechBaltimore Chapter
1969Larry E. CooperOverlea Chapter
1970Raoul L. Frevel++Tuscan Chapter
1971Jeff WhelenCornerstone Chapter
1972Gerald KrizanCornerstone Chapter
1973Gregory RaymondOverlea Chapter
1974Douglas WolfCornerstone Chapter
1975Kim SchrockCornerstone Chapter
1976Craig DavisKensington Chapter
1977Howard W. KelloggOverlea Chapter
1978B. Kevin RiceCumberland Chapter
1979R. Lee Newman, Jr.Overlea Chapter
1980Phil A. ShorttR.C.C. Chapter
(1980)James E. Duck
1981Chris BatemanBirmingham Chapter
(1981)J. Ray Squires
1982Michael F. BerendsOverlea Chapter
(1982)Brian S. Simon**
1983Kenneth KiesslingGlen Burnie Chapter
(1983)Shawn S. Staples
1984D. Eric LohslR.C.C. Chapter
(1984)Gregory L. Greene
1985William C. EppigCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
(1985)Michael L. Dixon
1986Michael C. McGuffieMervell M. Dean Chapter
(1986)Adam F. King
1987Jeffrey L. DillOverlea Chapter
(1987)John V. Fiedler
1988Carl A. Michel, Jr.Overlea Chapter
(1988)Joseph E. Murphy
1989Michael W. McKayKensington Chapter
(1989)Christopher M. Weiss
1990Brian S. HardenCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
(1990)Matthew W. McKay++
1991Mark D. Bull--Catonsville-Palestine Chapter
(1991)Thomas A. Russo
1992Brett T.J. BeanDundalk Chapter
(1992)Thomas A. Russo
1993Jeffrey J. HoffmanFrederick Chapter
(1993)Michael J. Fiedler
1994Michael G. SorensonGlen Burnie Chapter
(1994)Phillip T. Williams**
1995Michael W. FarlowSalisbury Chapter
(1995)Darryl A. Russo
1996Sterling F. DeBold, Jr.George F. Moore Chapter
1997Todd C. HoglundChesapeake Chapter
(1997)Peter Spiropoulous
1998Chris HumphreysChesapeake Chapter
1999Jesse M. SandlerCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
2000Paul D. CamdenCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
(2000)Enrique Montes
2001James C. DavisCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
(2001)Ben Taylor
2002Nicholas A. BakerFrederick Chapter
(2001)Ben Taylor
2003Kristopher GreenwellChesapeake Chapter
(2003)Jon Harari
2004LeRoy J. Graefe, IIISalisbury Chapter
(2004)Jon Harari
(2005)Daryn Shifflett
2006Thomas E. ReinhardtFrederick Chapter
(2006)Eric Palmer
2007Jamie HansenCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
(2007)Bryan Lee
2008Luke McCormick^^Catonsville-Palestine Chapter
(2008)Bryan Lee
2009E. Thomas PlourdeFrederick Chapter
(2009)Sriram Raja
2010Nicholas J. LawsonCatonsvile-Palestine Chapter
(2010)Mike Xie
2011Robert NowlandCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
2012Joseph SpeckFrederick Chapter
2013Sepp D. PanzerCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
2014Spencer D. SchuchStephen J. Ponzillo, Jr Chapter
2015Cameron B. NewmanCumberland Chapter
(2015)Alexander FolyTenleytown-Chevy Chase Chapter
2016Tyler D. Florian^^George F. Moore Chapter
Benjamin Fleury, IVCatonsville-Palestine Chapter
(2016)Alexander FolyTenleytown-Chevy Chase Chapter
2017Daniel J. McKinleyStephen J. Ponzillo, Jr. Chapter
2018Rafael A. Rodriguez, IVBowie-Collington Chapter
2019Alex BlenmanGeorge F. Moore Chapter
2020Aiden J. MartinNelson J. Briggs Chapter
2021Marko RodriguezBowie-Collington Chapter
2022Griffin ThurfieldNelson J. Briggs Chapter
2023Matthew McKayCumberland Chapter


** = Deceased

(YEAR) = Jurisdictional Master Councilor of Nation’s Capital DeMolay

++ = International Master Councilor

^^ = Did Not Complete Term